We’re Building the World’s
End-to-End Talent Engine.

And Here's Why

The World Needs It

We are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and with it the automation of work, promising the greatest upheaval in the labor market ever seen.

Cars will drive themselves, robo-advisors will invest our money, and blockchain will cut back-office jobs. Machines are automating and displacing our work, and it’s happening everywhere, at an accelerating pace. Many are at risk of their position being eliminated, and losing their income and sense of self-worth.

The excitement of progress that has always accompanied the great technological leaps of history brings with it the anxiety of change. Will we be marginalized? Should we panic? Restrict technological advancements? Shift toward a new welfare state?

Look Past the Negatives

The upheaval caused by these shifts will give us the greatest opportunity in history to grow, create, enhance, and excel.

New technology is lowering the costs of new business formation while speeding up growth and change at established entities driving demand for future-ready top talent in areas such as design, engineering and business strategy and development.

At the same time, with new learning technology, our prospects for educating and training the workforce of tomorrow are also transformed. Machines can make us smarter just as we are making them more autonomous. We can re-skill and evolve.

It’s Time for the Tesla of Education

It’s reasonable to think that we can build educational machines that will dramatically reduce the cost and the time it takes to learn something new. And do it in a way that allows us to deliver impact at extraordinary scale.

We must challenge ourselves to develop ways to learn calculus 10x more easily, or teach programming in a tenth of the time. Let’s unbound our assumptions about what is possible!

To date, developing technology that helps humans become smarter has been neither productive nor profitable. MOOCs and their lecture-centric model have been shown to be neither sticky nor engaging. Meanwhile, assessment technology and adaptive learning algorithms have not moved the dial in the outcomes delivered by teachers.

Clinging to the traditional paradigm has not served society well. It’s time innovation efforts moved on from multi-media and lecture-centric instructional approaches.

Pedagogy is Technology

With Industrial Revolution 4.0, we must re-think how we educate people using technology. We must act more boldly even if it risks alienating the education establishment. We need to take the side of society at large - specifically talent and employers - and we must be ok with some pushback from naysayers.

Fixing education starts with completely eliminating the lecture and replacing it with interactive discovery based learning approaches. It is time for the machine to act as the principal instructor. Interactivity is the best hope for enabling individualized and mastery-based learning, and with it the flipped classroom model.

At Pedago, we are pioneering the move to “active learning” by moving away from the passive learning approaches that have dominated for the past century. We’re leveraging the best practices of experiential training through machine-based tutoring that provides individualized feedback and progression.

Introducing Quantic

When we started Pedago, we embarked on a mission to dramatically improve how people learn with the changing labor landscape in mind. We envisioned something bigger, broader, bolder than the incumbent technologies. Something with the power to reshape education on a global scale.

And we’re getting there. In our first few years, we’ve embraced active learning, culminating in Quantic, our graduate school that teaches subjects dramatically faster and more effectively than traditional education.

We've launched the first accredited, machine-taught degree in the world, and we’ve made it easily accessible on mobile, because we know that’s where today’s students want to learn.

We’ve started our journey by proving our concept with the MBA, the most valuable degree in today’s economy, not unlike Tesla’s start at the elite end of the sports car domain. To our delight but not surprise, independent studies show our learning outcomes in key areas are already on par with those of the most elite MBA programs in the world.

We’re just getting warmed up

From here, we will develop additional advanced degrees and more specialized courses for the new labor market, from neurotechnology to blockchain to advanced robotics. We’ll make the workforce future-ready.

But as importantly, we are working on solutions at the other end of the labor market. Our high school and vocational courses will help the displaced truck driver, 3 million of whom in the US alone will lose their jobs as transportation goes automated.

With the platform built, we’re adding courses to move from carving out a place in the traditional education ecosystem to effecting change at scale to disrupt it.

The Bigger Idea

But as big as that sounds, there’s a bigger idea.

You see, we all know a high quality education is a difference-maker for the individual and, collectively, for the community. And when you’ve built a scalable platform to learn 10x faster and with higher retention than the physical or virtual classroom, you dream of the possibilities for the worldwide community, for the benefit of all of humanity. You think about the net effect on global productivity in the new Industrial Revolution. You think about the ensuing rise in the value of our collective human capital, the greatest resource we have on earth. That’s what we’re here for.

Education + Career Matching = Talent Engine

So how do you maximize the reach of a game-changing technology innovation in education, and drive value as the education company of the future? Here’s how:

In the process, we build an end-to-end talent engine that delivers consistent returns on educational time investment through a viable job placement service. We eliminate the heavy burden of student debt, transferring cost to the company that ultimately benefits most from the education. And we even remove the opportunity cost of the years-long, dedicated on-campus experience, by making it dramatically faster and on-demand.

Our dream is to bring the friction of a quality education down toward zero – making it free, super convenient, and singularly efficient in instructional speed and retention. And to complete the talent cycle we’re uniting the beneficiaries of this education with the perfect career opportunity through a network that’s optimized for career transitions.

There will be challenges on this journey of change. And many in traditional educational institutions and think tanks will focus on our shortcomings. However, our cause is important and noble, and we’re blessed with the opportunity to impact millions of lives in a fundamental way. We hope you’ll join us on the journey.

Let’s help everyone participate in the future!

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